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Khoon Ka Rishta (1981)

  • LanguageHindi

Kailash (Amjad Khan) was the step brother of Surendra Sinha (Pran) who was distinguished judge. Surendra Sinha had brought up Kailash just like his own son after the death of his father. Surendra Sinha was held in high esteem by all for his strict adherence to his principles and truth whereas Kailash imbibed wrong values since his childhood and from a petty thief he degenerated into a dacoit. Consequently one day he finds himself arraigned infront of his own brother on the charge of murder and dacoity. Being true to his avocation Justice Sinha sentenced him for fourteen years of penal servitude.

Years of incarcination ossified Kailash into a ruthless criminal. He came out of the jail harbouring an insatiable greed for money and in intense animosity towards humanity. Troubled by the remorse of sending his own brother to jail Surendra Sinha resigned his judgeship and engaged himself in the social welfare of the village folk. During this period Ravi (Jeetendra), the only son of Surendra Sinha, had become an accomplished engineer but he rebelled against the simplicity and idealism of his father. But in order to save the honour of his parents and spurred by his filial obligations Ravi owns the ignominy of theft which was foisted on them by Kailash. Thus he unsuspectingly fell into the trap of Kailash who used Sonia (Neetu Singh) as a decoy. Kailash cleverly inveigles Ravi into construction racket where he is indicted of killing several people for using spurious materials in a building which had crashed.

The notoriety of Kailash forced the Government to appoint Surendra Sinha to investigate into the crimes of Kailash. Ex-justice Sinha resolved to send this arch enemy of humanity to gallows. He fulfilled his resolution and the noose of death was about to be clamped around the neck of Kailash. On the other side Ravi was also in the same predicament due to the machinations of Kailash. Tortured by the calamity ravaging the family the wife of Surendra Sinha and mother of Ravi was oscillating between life and death. Thus the bonds nurtured by blood were about to be drowned in the pool of blood.

What the destiny willed, see yourself. 

(From the official press booklets)



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