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Khuddar (1994)

  • LanguageHindi

The only person who's bravery and honesty is most appreciated in the city is Inspector Siddhant (Govinda) whose father Dinanath Shastri (Dr. Shreeram Lagoo) inspite of being a Minister bears a very honest character. Siddhant has a younger sister (Aakruti) a young brother (Raju Shrestha) and an Aaya Maa (Anjana Mumtaz) who is just like a mother to him. Dinanath Shastri has a humorous and shrewd  P.A. Kanhaiya (Kadar Khan) who is always scared of his Boss Dinanath Shastri.

The City's most dreaded Terrorist Kapali launches an attack on Inspector Siddhant's honesty and bravery but is reduced to nothing.

Pooja's (Karishma Kapoor) life reflects two different aspects. On the one hand she performs on stage and earns her livelihood by exposing her body and singing, dancing. On the other she spends the money earned in helping the poor and destitute. One day she falls into a dragnet of Babujaan (Mahesh Anand) and Rosy, Raju is also a part of their gang. However, Pooja manages to escape from their clutches and comes into contact with Inspector Siddhant who mistake her for a cheap woman and shuns her. But when he realises his mistake, he falls in love with her. Sub Inspector Adarsh Verdhan (Shakti Kapoor) in the Police force but operates on the instructions of Babujaan and Rosy. When Sub Inspector Adarsh Verdhan comes to know that Inspector Siddhant has become aware of his connection with Babujaan he resigns from the police force and stands for Elections against Dinanath Shastri and with the help of Babujaan he wins the election. On becoming a Minister, he game plans into appointing Inspector Siddhant as his Bodyguard.

Now, Adarsh Verdhan removes his heart's wrath on Siddhant at every given opportunity and humiliates him with the help of Babujaan and Rosy, he plans attacks on Poja also. Pooja turns blind and at one juncture she feeds her child with milk which was poisoned by them. Their child dies.

Deadly assault on his wife - the trauma of his child's death-Adarsh Verdhan deadly and scheming moves at every step-can Siddhant succeed in overcoming these? Will Siddhant be able to expose Adarsh Verdhan? Will Pooja be able to regain her eyesight? and will Siddhant give more importance to the love for his brother over his own self-respect. 

For the answers you must see "KHUDDAR" on the Big Screen only.

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