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La Bela (1966)

  • LanguageHindi

One can see Almighty God in so many forms, but two men with the same face is panic. The story is based on two girls bearing the same face. One is Radha, daughter of a truck driver while the other is Bela, daughter of a millionaire blind women. Mukerji and Madan are the two names of one person. Mukerjee as estate manager of blind woman and Madan as notorious man after the hidden property of blind women. That was the reason why he and his men were after Bela like a shadow. She was being watched in every action of hers. Bela used to go to her uncle's place who was in Africa. She was much worried because since a year he has not turned back. To avoid her followers she used to make her way from ........ roads requesting the passers for lift. Rumours spread that there is a spirit in the ghats. Ramu meets with an accident when he tries to save Bela who was  advancing for help. Ramu was removed to hospital. News spread about and Police Officer Sujeet is appointed as doctor to investigate the matter. The news of accident spread and Kishan starts with Ramu's daughters Radha for Bombay. Bela come across Kishan and Radha. Kishan puzzles with like faces of Bela & Radha.

Madan plays a trick & sends Ranha as Bela to old blind mother to take out the secret of the hidden wealth. Bela on Kishan's request meets Ramudada as Radha. Sujit astonished to see Bela and Radha in hospital.

Sujit, Kishan & Radha together try to protect the blind lady. Ultimately one day Mukherjee brings Ramudada to take away his daughter but she refuses that he was her father.

Why Radha slapped her father? Why the old woman wanted to shoot her daughter? How Kishan escaped from Mamoosa? How Sujeet succeed in overturning the Madan's plan?

How Kishan saves the lady? These details of confusion can be solved on silver screen.

Remember this is a masterpiece musical drama from YOUNG INDIA ENTERPRISES. 

(From the official press booklets)