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Lal Chunariyaa (1983)

  • LanguageHindi

LAL CHUNARIYAA is a story of a destitute parentless lady Ratna to whom her near relative brought her up and sold to a prostitution house. From there she was again sold to a richman Amarnath. She gave birth to one son and one daughter. The son (Rajesh) grew up at the orphanage, become a self-made man while the daughter was brought up at the kotha, become a famous mujra dancer Gulabo. Rajesh and Kamini were loving each other and wanted to marry, but this marriage was not approved by Kamini's wealthy father Seth Shankerlal who disclosed in Kamini's birthday party that Rajesh was the son of a prostitute. Rajesh was badly hurt, disappointed and frustrated from life, going to commit suicide when right on this event his taxi driver dost Sunildev Kirmani shown him some light by saying that a man is known by his KARM not by birth otherwise every one would have been born in richman's house. Rajesh made up his mind to bring back his mother & sister from the kotha. Ratnabai was badly disgraded and hurt by the cruel Samaj who enjoys their nights at the kotha and called Dharmatmas (Samaj Ke Thekedar) in the day light branding such uncounted Rajesh "the Nasoor for the Society".

This had created a great hate in Ratnabai's mind. Rajesh asked her sister Gulabo to leave this kotha's chamak-damak and to lead a noble life, but Gulabo knew that it is easy for a girl to reach on the kotha but quite impossible for a pros, to go back to the noble world. Because she had not forgotten that incident of a Salmajaan an earlier famous mujra dancer, who had seen the dreams to wear a Lal Chunariyaa in the love of Nawab's son Salim. But Salim was murdered one night at the kotha by some gundas. See on the screen with 7 hit songs that-

1.    How Salim was murdered and Salma was stabbed?

2.    Could Rajesh succeeded in bringing back his mother and sister from the kotha?

3.    Could Rajesh and Kamini succeeded in their love?

For all such questions see TIPU FILMS INTERNATIONALS "LAL CHUNARIYAA" (a very emotional, sentimental, sensational and daring subject, never filmed before).

(From the official press booklet)