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Love (1991)

  • LanguageHindi

His mother had committed suicide. He had killed his father. He spent his childhood in a Remand Home. He had nobody-he was all alone. The lone traveller of the night...Who doesn't know where the road he is walking on will lead him to.

One day a new enlightenment filled his life-Maggie-His guiding star-like the fragrance of the first blossom of spring. She came with a ray of hope to live and let live.

The dewdrops of Maggies love transformed the burning flame's inside Prithvi into the guiding lamps. The lamp that burns itself to give light to others. But there is no dearth of such people on this earth. Who think that a little folly committed by other's are sins that cannot be washed away even with Gangajal. Maggie's mother was one of them. She never forgave Prithvi's past. And she tortured him by punishing the dreams being nurtured in Maggie's eyes.

She tried to snatch away those song's Prithvi and composed for Maggie. But love is immortal. It always was-is-and will be-she lost-But did Prithvi win or his love? or Maggie? The answer is - 'LOVE'.

(From the official press booklets)


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