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Maharaja Vikram (1965)

  • LanguageHindi

This ancient land of India shone with the glory, justice, sacrifice and gifted qualities of Maharaja Vikram of Avantika or Ujjain thousands of years ago. His aim of life was concentrated into the prayer of Mahakal, the Shiva and to look after his beloved public with his utmost ability.

But at the climax of Vikrama's glory, suddenly an evil spirit appeared to disturb the peace of Vikram's empire, in the form of Vajrabahu, disciple of a Tantrik Kapalik. He started abducting the virgins of marriageable age by his magical and mysterious means. Vajrabahu had only one ambition-to get the 32 images' Sinhasan or Throne of Vikram by sacrificing the 32 virgins of marriageable age before his Devil Mahadevata and to become the emperor of Awantika himself.

In the meantime Maharaja Vikram met princess Padmalekha of Ratanapuri in strange circumstances when she was also being abducted by the soldiers of Vajrabahu. Vikram saved her and Padmalekha dedicated to him forever. At this Vajrabahu became furious and his heart started burning with jealousy and passion. With redoubled force he started his attempts to achieve Padmalekha by his mysterious underwater castle .He tried to win Padmalekha by force but she never yielded to the evil spirit of his.

And Vikram became perturbed, more so, because the evil shadows of misfortunes casted on him in the way of 7½ years bad times in the form Sadhesaati of Shani, Saturn, the veil planet. The love for Padmalekha compelled him to insult Shani. Shani destroyed his kingdom, brought death to his trusted minister Vaital who assumed a Spirit from (Preta).

Misfortune in the form of Shani's anger deformed Vikram's appearance and left him insulted everywhere. If by some good luck Vikram got his original form gain his hands were cut by the anger of Sinhavati, a princess who had bad design on Vikram.

Vaital in the spirit form of Preta always helped Vikram and Padmalekha to come out of this misfortune. Vikram and Padmalekha met once again but they found themselves in the clutches of Vajrabahu.

Was this the ultimate climax of their misfortune?.... to find an answer to this you will have to see 'Maharaja Vikram'.

(From the official press booklets)