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Mera Saaya (1966)

  • LanguageHindi

It was the shadow of his dead wife, Geeta, which was looming large on the life of young Lawyer, Rakesh!

Hastily summoned to India from London where Rakesh had gone for higher studies, he on arrival found his young wife dying in his arms. He clung to her cold body in despair. His anguished cries reverberated in the room where her beautiful, young body lay still and motionless! The magnitude of his personal tragedy staggered him and a long shadow of gloom descended on him!

One day, when Rakesh was lost in the memories of his dead wife, a Police-Inspector came and narrated a strange tale to him. A police party had a tough encounter with a band of dacoits. Although, the dacoit chief with his gang escaped in the heat of the scuffle, the Police were able to arrest a young woman. On interrogation by the police, the captured woman who was an accomplice of the Gang, not only denied the charge of abetting the dacoits; but on the contrary, claimed that she was respectable woman... the wife of town's leading Lawyer, Rakesh!

Who was this woman? Was she a reality or a dream? The clue to this mystery which was baffling the Police, the Court and the Lawyer Rakesh, has been provided by the Master of Suspense "RAJ KHOSLA".

(From the official press booklet)


Filmfare Awards, 1966