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Nand Kishore (1951)

  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Shooting LocationM & T Films (Studios) Ltd., Kurla Road, Andheri

When virtues dwindle and vices multiply, when good suffers and the evil ones prosper, when Dharma - the sustaining law-seems to give way and the rule of brute force triumphs, then it is that Vishnu the Preserver projects himself on this earth of the morals to defend the righteous and to vanquish the wicked.

Thus it is that the Divine descends to intervene in the affairs of life thwarted in the course of its evolution from darkness to light. The more impregnable the impediments that beset the course of this evolution, intenser the gloom and darkness that eclipse the light of life and more insurmountable the difficulties, the more merciful and resourceful the Avatar, the incarnation of the Divine. And in his infinite mercy the Lord always does shoe all consideration for the finite. He always chooses to play the game.

When Life existed only in the restless cradle of the great waters, he emerged as the Mighty Matsya-the Great Fish. And when Life moved closer to the shore. His incarnation appeared in the form of the Great Tortoise. Further, on its march towards the terrafirma and at each of its successive stages of evolution, Life has induced him to assume the forms of the Great Boar, the mighty Man-Lion, bow and the arrow and finally Vasudev the killer of Kans, the Liberator of Vasudeva and Devaki and the completest of all Avatars.

And Vasudeva, the 'Greatest friend of Humanity' as Sri Aurobindo called him, as he not really at his sweetest as Nand-Kishore, the Divine Cowherd, the Magic Fluteplayer, the Sportive Playmate, the Eternal Friend of Radha and the Darling of Yashod and Nand?

It is Him that we speak here and it is him we seek to portray. It is to him that we introduce you. And we invite you to this divine feast for the eyes and ears of men and Gods, for such is this picture - NANDKISHORE.

(From the official press booklet)



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