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Numbri Aadmi (1991)

  • Release Date1/1/1991
  • GenreAction, Crime, Drama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time125 mins
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Shooting LocationMehmood, Film City, Filmstan, Kamalistan, Esel Studio

NUMBRI AADMI (Mithun Chakravorty) is today's Robinhood. To expose cheats, smugglers and to help the poor and needy is NUMBRI AADMI.

A police file is being made of NUMBRI AADMI as the complete Police force is worried about the never ending complaints and unsolved thefts of NUMBRI AADMI, which baffle even the Senior Officers A.C.P. VIJAY PRATAP SINGH (Suresh Oberoi) is being entrusted with the file.

In the Basti where NUMBRI AADMI lives as Taxi Driver Shankar, also lives a young and beautiful girl named BIJLI (Kimi Katkar) who loves Shankar. A famous dancing girl PARO (Sonu Walia) gives him sister's love after he rescues her from the evil hands of A.C.P.'s brother RAJ (Kunal Goswami), and also promises to get married.

SAMSHER SINGH (Amrish Puri), the enemy of NUMBRI AADMI approaches the A.C.P. with the marriage proposal of his daughter SANGEETA (Sangeeta Bijlani) with RAJ, but the A.C.P. refuses the proposal. Angered by the refusal, SAMSHER SINGH manages to get RAJ arrested in a false murder case. Like NUMBRI AADMI could not be traced by the police due to his disguise as Shankar, likewise Shankar too could not trace SHAMSHER SINGH, who has changed his looks by plastic surgery, as also his name and is moving in the society freely.

What is the secret behind this search and activities of NUMBERI AADMI, who sometimes poses as a Taxi Driver Shankar, sometimes a friend of the poor and Messiah called Dildar Khan and sometimes as NUMBRI AADMI? Why this search and for whom? All the answers of the above questions you can see on the screen of 'NUMBRI AADMI'.

(From the official press booket)