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Karm Yudh (1985)

  • LanguageHindi

Kam Yudh is the story of an honest police officer-Inspector Vijay who waged a one man war against crime and criminals. Some twenty years ago a crime syndicate that ruled the under world had killed his father who too had served in the police force; still Vijay faced all the trials and tribulations which confront an honest police officer bravely with dedication. Maintenance of Law and order was the story of his life and doing his duty the guiding force behind his every action - till the Mafia King killed his only sister and her husband on their wedding night, and bribed witnesses to prove his innocence in a  Court of Law and used his evil influence and scheming designs to get Vijay arrested for assaulting him. Thrown out of the police force and facing an assault charge and awaiting trial inside a jail Vijay had no option but to escape from the prison and enlist the help of a reformed convict Charan Singh and his fiance Usha Mathur whose brother too had died at the hands of the criminals rampant in the underworld while about to expose them.
Wanted by the police and the criminals alike Vijay indulged in this "KARMYUDH" with no worry as to Whether he would win or loose. He was only concrned with doing his duty.
For what his fate had in store for him see "KARMAYUDH".

(From the official press booklets)