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Pyaassi Ankhen (1983)

  • Release Date1983
  • GenreFamily Drama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Shooting LocationRoop Tara, Filmcity

Widow Nirmala brings up her son Rajoo under great strain and hardship. Nirmala had a sympathizer in her neighbor Baburam who treated Nirmala like a sister. Annu is Baburam's daughter who silently loved Rajoo. 

Rajoo goes to the city for higher studies and comes off with flying colors. In the city, Rajoo fell in love with a young modern society girl, Asha - being unaware of Annu's love for him. He brings Asha to the village seeking Nirmala's blessing. Nirmala takes an instant liking for Asha and Rajoo got married to Asha with Annu's world of dreams having been shattered.

Being a modern possessive girl Asha is jealous of Nirmala's overpowering over her son. Rajoo is sandwiched between his overloving mother and his modern overzealous wife.

Nirmala realizes the plight of her son and to make him happy she quits the city home and comes back to the village to be taken care of by Annu. In the course of time, Asha gives birth to a child and the news that she has become a grandmother rekindles the hope in Nirmala to be united with her son by virtue of her grandson. Through Baburam, Nirmala sends a message to Rajoo to come back to the village with her grandson on Diwali Day.

Did Rajoo reach the village with his son?

Did Nirmala's eternal thrust of being a grandmother was fulfilled? 

How Annu's silent love and sacrifice could save the family from wrecking?

For all those answers - You must see ever emotional family drama, PYAASSI ANKHEN on screen. 

(From the official press booklet)