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Javed Khan

  • Real Name: Javed Yaqub Khan
  • Parents: Mohammed Yaqub Khan

Model, film actor and TV star Javed Khan is known for films such as Phir Aayee Barsat (1985), Qatil Aur Aashiq (1986), and Prem Aggan (1998). A staple in horror genre films of the 1980s and 1990s, the bulk of his films were low-budget horror productions, such as Cheekh (1985), Khooni Mahal (1987), Kabrastan (1988), Khooni Murda (1989), Amavas Ki Raat (1990), Kafan (1990), Hatyarin (1991), Aakhri Cheekh (1991), Khooni Panja (1991), Khooni Raat (1991), Roohani Taaqat (1991), Khoon Ki Pyaasi (1996), Khofnak Mahal (1997), Khooni Mahal (1998), Kaala Mandir (2000), and Ab Tumhari Bari (2005). He has also featured in popular horror shows on television like The Zee Horror Show and Nagin. He also worked as the stunt co-ordinator in Prem Aggan (1998). He runs Glamour Zone Javed Khan Academy of Acting and Modelling in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. He has also produced and directed ad films, short films and documentaries under his own banner Images Tui. 

Born in Bhopal to father Mohammed Yaqub Khan, a criminal lawyer, he completed his HSC from Campion School, Bhopal, topping the merit list in MP. He did his BSc from St Xavier’s College, Mumbai and went on to join   FTII, Pune to train as an actor. He is a holder of the Gurudutt scholarship for best student. Starting off as a model, he appeared in advertisements for brands such as Vimal, OCM, Bombay Dyeing, Ultimo, Goldspot and Nescafe. 

Among the early films he acted in, was Naya Safar (1982) in which he romances Arti Gupta who plays the female lead, with Kamini Kaushal, Dev Kumar and Rajendranath in key supporting roles. The same year, he played police inspector Anil in Zakhmee Insaan (1982), an action thriller directed by Deepak Balraj Vij. He again played a police inspector in Chambal Ke Daku (1982), an action thriller which starred two real-life dacoits of the Chambal - Mohar Singh and Madho Singh. 

Films he featured in include Zanjeer (1986) directed by Pervez Malik, the Swaroop Kumar-directed crime drama Qatil Aur Aashiq (1986), the drama film Mera Pati Meri Zindagi (1993), the Sohail Khan-directed action comedy Hello Brother (1999). However, the genre he featured in the most is horror. One of his earliest horror-mystery films was Cheekh, directed by Mohan Bhakri. Starring Amala, Deepika Chikhalia and others, it revolved around Thakur (Madan Puri), who was a cruel man in the past but, with the passage of time, changes his way and lives a normal life. However, a mysterious killer starts to take revenge, playing a clever mind game.

The 1987 horror film Khooni Mahal, again directed by Mohan Bhakri, saw him play a key role in this Raj Kiran-Shoma Anand starrer. The plot revolved around a monster who, after years of burial, is accidentally set free by a group of people which leads to a disastrous sequence of incidents.

Kabrastan (1988) saw him play a character called Mike in a tale about an unethical doctor, murder, a heart transplant, and a dead man extacting revenge. Directed by Mohan Bhakri, the film starred Hemant Birje and Kamna.

Khooni Murda (1989) saw him play a character named Dev in the Mohan Bhakri-directorial that revolved around an obsessive lover who, after being accidentally killed by some college students, returns as a living dead and starts killing them one by one.

He was part of Amavas Ki Raat (1990), directed by Mohan Bhakri, which revolved around a woman, the wife of a powerful tantric, who uses her powers to give birth to her dead sister’s baby, although she is warned that the child born on the inauspicious night could be a demon.

He starred in the Dhirendra Bohra-directed Kafan (1990), in which a young girl gets a vision of a murder at the time it occurs. Things get worse when she is possessed by a soul and starts to commit real murders.

In the year 1991, he had no less than five horror releases, starting with Vinod Talwar’s Hatyarin (1991), wherein he played a character named Vicky in the Deepak Parasher-Amita Nangia starrer.

The same year, he played a character called Jeet Khurrana in Aakhri Cheekh directed by Kiran Ramsay. The plot revolved around an evil man who kills young women after having romantic affair with them. For his crimes, four friends get him arrested and electrocuted. However, his soul returns and starts taking revenge on them and their families, one by one. He also starred in Khooni Panja (1991), another horror revenge drama directed by Vinod Talwar, followed by Khooni Raat (1991) directed by J D Lawrence. Roohani Taaqat (1991) saw him feature in the Mohan Bhakri directorial about a group of city slickers who become embroiled in a plot involving a demon-summoning tantric. 

Khoon Ki Pyaasi (1996) directed by K C Handra, saw him feature alongside Rita Bhaduri and Ramesh Goyal, followed by Daayen (1997) directed by Jagdish Gautam and featuring a cast that included Rita Bhaduri and Jagdeep. The following year, he acted in Khofnak Mahal (1997), directed by Sushil Vyas, and Khooni Mahal (1998), directed by S R Pratap in which he featured alongside Poonam Dasgupta and Satish Kaul

In the year 2000, he featured in Kaala Mandir, alongside Neelima Azim, Kishore Bhanushali and Birbal. It depicted the story of an innocent girl who is forced into sex work. When she runs away, she is raped by the brothel owner’s goons. A tantric finds her body and infuses life into it with his magic powers. More recently, he acted in Ab Tumhari Bari (2005), directed by Mohan Bhakri, alongside Rana Jung Bahadur, Sunil Dhawan and Tina Ghai

In the realm of television, he acted in series such as Nagin (1998), The Zee Horror Show (1994-1997) and Chandrakanta (1994).

In 1998, he served as the stunt coordinator in the Feroz Khan directorial Prem Aggan. The romance drama was the acting debut vehicle of Khan’s son Fardeen Khan, who starred opposite Meghna Kothari. 

He is chairman of the Bombay International School, Bhopal, and director of Glamour Zone Javed Khan Academy of Acting and Modelling in Bhopal. 



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