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Raat Ki Rani (1949)

  • LanguageHindi

Shyam and OM two bosom friends work in the same office and live together in a room. Om takes life as it is but Shyam is an idealist Poet and has broad views to visualise life. One morning Shyam is sacked from his office. The same evening Shyam writes fine verses and reads in a Symposium. The first Prize is awarded to SANTOSH daughter of a Rai Bahadur; she believed that Shyam should have got the medal. She liked Shyam for his intelligence and wonderful Poetry. She most delightfully invited Shyam to her place but was highly upset to note Shyam's hasty annoyance and an exit from the house on a simple joke. 

SHASHI, a dancing girl, completely dissatisfied with the style of life she was forced to lead, was highly impressed by the carriage and behaviour of SHYAM and inwardly fell for him. Shyam also liked her and ultimately fell for her. Shyam and Shashi loved each other immensely. SHASHI feared a break because she had no social status in life. 

Shyam resolved to marry Shashi. Om resented it. There arose a big quarrel amongst the bosom friends. Shyam left the house. Searched for service but failed. Absented his regular meetings with Shashi which broke her heart and crashed her lovely hopes. Shashi went to Shyam's place but Om gave her a wrong notion about Shyam's having married some other girl. Shashi having been highly disappointed, dissatisfied and discouraged had to go back to the same profession, when after short span of time Shyam reappeared to her amaze. She turned him out only in consideration of Om's remarks. People when laughed at Shyam were very seriously scolded by Shashi and ousted immediately. 

Shyam dislodged, displaced and disappointed moved from place to place; when a common friend took him to Om. Om warmly welcomed Shyam and provided him comforts. Shyam was ill, Santosh visited Shyam and took him to the Doctor.

What happened, after that to Shyam, Shashi, Santosh and Om. See for yourself on the screen.

(From the official press booklet)