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Rickshawala (1973)

  • LanguageHindi

This is not the life-story of a "RICKSHA-MAN", it is a story about the ideals and ambitions of a young educated man. 

Nowadays, there is a great feeling of higher class and lower class on the basis of the Caste-system prevailing in our Country, and in the same manner there is a great difference between the educated and the uneducated people. Gopi, the educated young man ambitiously wishes to root out these differences and wants to convey and prove that if the education and labour go hand in hand, the dignity of education and labour would increase and hence the difference between the two would cease. To bring this ideal in practice, Gopi becomes a RICKSHAWALA. 
In the long walk of his simple life: 

He meets a Lawyer, 

He meets a Judge, 

He meets a poor lady, who sells food in the Rickshaw stand, 

He meets a Charming College Girl, 

He also meets a 'Great Man' who wants to destroy the holy ideals of life. 

In this way, the struggle between the good and bad ideals gives birth to a number of incidents and these incidents reveal so many hidden facts and secrets, and thus an interesting story emerges. 

To know what that interesting story is, you all meet Rickshawala GOPI.

(From the official press booklet)