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Road To Sikkim (1969)

  • LanguageHindi

In the lovely and peaceful valley of SIKKIM, somewhere near its border the enemies of India had established an underground hideout from where they carried nefarious activities to harm India. The gentle folk of SIKKIM considered their profound duty to eliminate such espionage ring from their soil. An old blind black smith had cautioned his daughter Asha to be on lookout for any stranger visiting their village as he may be a traitor in disguise of a gentleman. 

An old woman Lalita of the same village had twin sons; one named Rahul was in Indian Secret Police Service. One day, Rahul saw a suspicious person and he followed him to the enemies secret hideout. He took some notes in his diary about the locale and was about to leave when he was detected. He was followed by enemy spy name Kesav and was killed. Before dying, Rahul tore the page of the diary and threw it from the precipice down into the valley where it was picked by Asha daughter of blind black-smith. Enemy spies kills Asha to secure the page of the diary but was not successful in getting the page.

Blind black smith is the only person who has heard the footsteps of his daughter's murderer. Old man vowed to get hold of the assailants some day and throttle him to death and take his revenge. 

Lalita's second son Mahendra also joins Secret Police Service. Sarita, fiancee of Rahul has gone mad. Old man black smith sits in the street waiting to hear foot-steps of his daughter's murderer. 

In the enemies camp in SIKKIM got a shocking news that one scientist in Bombay had invented a machine, which with its powerful rays could melt even steel. They decide to get hold of this destructive invention and they manage to steal it and before it is taken away out of the country our Agent C. I. D. 999 destroys the enemies spy head quarter and secures the machine. 

How he rescued the machine and how old black smith took his revenge, pleases see this thrilling climax on the Silver Screen.

(From the official press booklet)