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Seeta Aur Geeta (1972)

  • LanguageHindi

SEETA aur GEETA is a dramatic and action-packed saga of twin sisters who had a double date with destiny; one resigned herself to fate — but the other met it with a vengeance!

SEETA aur GEETA unfolds the tensions and conflicts of two sisters who, by a strange quirk of fate, had to switch identities and play a game of deceit with their respective lovers to outwit their sworn enemies. Seeta's mild and gentle nature contrasted, like the opposite side of a coin, with Geeta's wild and robust approach to life. Seeta had fallen into the hands of evil men who were bent upon crushing her body and soul, in the process of robbing her of her legal inheritance. But hell hath no fury like a woman whose sister's honour is at stake. Geeta went on the war path and unleashed her fury on her sister's tormentors - with effects which make you hold your breath as you watch the dust fly! 

SEETA aur GEETA also has two tender love tales running parallel to each other and interweaving a graceful pattern in the lives of the two sisters. Seeta's sweet and loving nature makes a deep mark in the heart of a young fire brand, Raka, who begins to mend his ways in order to be worthy of her love. On the other hand, Geeta's bold and zestful approach to life appeals to the imagination of a sophisticated city doctor, Ravi, who woos her with all the passion of his young heart. 

Everything goes smoothly until the day the villain, Ranjit, discovers the secret of the true identities of the two sisters and sets into motion a master plan to destroy them both and reap a rich harvest of profits for himself.

Did Ranjit succeed in his evil schemes? 

Did the sisters, Seeta and Geeta, ever get a chance to meet each other alive and to unite with their respective lovers? 

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(From the official press booklet)