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Shakti (1982)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time164 min
  • Length4849.12 meters
  • Number of Reels18 reels
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number102131
  • Certificate Date22/09/1982
  • Shooting LocationFilmistan, Mehboob Studios, Raj Kamal Studios, Natraj Studios, Film City, Vijay-Vauhini Studios

Ashwini Kumar’s grandson Ravi wishes to be a police officer. But before he commits himself to the profession, Aswhini Kumar tries to tell him of the trials of faith he may have to face. In a flashback we are shown DCP Ashwini Kumar and his wife Sheetal expecting their first child. Soon a son is born to the loving couple and he is named Vijay. Years later, Ashwini Kumar arrests a criminal named Yashwant who works for the notorious smuggler J.K. Verma. In order to free Yashwant, J.K. Verma decides to take drastic steps. He kidnaps Ashwini’s young son Vijay to coerce him into freeing Yashwant. Torn between duty and family, Ashwini ultimately makes his fateful decision. His declaration to choose duty over his son’s life is overheard by the young Vijay. Vijay ultimately manages to slip through the grasp of the criminals. A man in J.K. Verma’s gang takes pity on Vijay and lets him go unscathed. But Vijay is deeply wounded by his father’s words and grows up struggling to grasp his cold dedication to duty. 
The adult Vijay is a sullen, temperamental man who has grown distant from his father. One day when travelling via a local train, he saves a woman being harassed by some young men. The woman later introduces herself as Roma and says she works as a singer in a hotel. Vijay applies for a job in a hotel. He is about to be rejected when a man intervenes in the interview and hires him. Vijay recognises him as the criminal who had once shown him kindness, a man named K.D. Narang. 
Ashwini is disappointed by Vijay’s decision to work for K.D. Narang as he is a known smuggler. Vijay has an argument with him which leads to him leaving the house. Roma offers to share her flat with Vijay. K.D. Narang has separated form J.K. Verma and has become a rival smuggler. One night Vijay saves Narang from being shot by Verma’s men and as a reward he is drawn into his fold. Ashwini and Sheetal are devastated by the news that Vijay is working with Narang. Sheetal tries to convince Vijay to come back, but he is immutable in his decision. He believes his father chose the law over his life. In turn he must abandon the law that his father follows. Meanwhile, Vijay and Roma grow close and begin a relationship. 
Sheetal is torn between her husband and her son and her health rapidly deteriorates. When Vijay offers to provide medication for her, she refuses claiming that his money will be blood money. Ashwini is also hurt by Vijay’s decision but stays true to his duty and pursues Narang and Verma’s gangs. Vijay learns that Roma is pregnant and soon they are married. 
Things come to a head when both gangs are decimated by Ashwini’s raids. Vijay is arrested along with Narang. Thirsting for revenge, J.K. Verma attempts to shoot Ashwini and ends up killing Sheetal instead. Both Ashwini and Vijay are overwhelmed by her death. Vijay knows that he is doomed, but he wishes to avenge his mother. He escapes from police custody and tracks J.K. Verma to the airport. He guns Verma down in a crowded terminal. Aswhini also arrives and gives chase to Vijay. To stop him from fleeing he is forced to shoot Vijay. A fatally wounded Vijay admits that he loves his father. Ashwini Kumar also expresses his love for his son, but it comes too late. Vijay passes away in Ashwini’s arms. Despite being affected by the story of his father, Ravi stays committed to his desire to become a police officer.   



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Filmfare Awards, 1983