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Singapore (1960)

  • LanguageHindi

Shyam deputed his manager Ramesh to sell off his Rubber Estate in Singapore. While going through the old records Ramesh finds a map revealing that there is a huge treasure in the Rubber Estate. He immediately writes to Shyam. But to Ramesh 's surprise neither Shyam replies his letters nor he comes to Singapore.

Ultimately Shyam is contacted on the phone. But the line is cut in between the talk. Failing to understand anything Shyam flies to Singapore. 

In the plane he meets a Malayan beauty, Maria, who falls in love with Shyam at the very first sight. 

In Singapore Shyam comes to know that Ramesh is missing since his talk on phone was abruptly cut off. Shyam desperately starts searching Ramesh he informs Police, taps every source which could lead him to Ramesh. In his search he meets. Lata an Indian dancer and comes to know that Lata's sister Shobha is infatuated to Ramesh. Now he visits Lata's place occasionally. He is treated like a member of the family by Shivdas, the uncle of Lata.

 One day Lata, Shobha, Shivdas and Shyam go to the Rubber Estate for picnic. At the very first opportunity Shivdas steals that map leading to the treasure from Shyam's bag. Shobha sees and follows Shivdas in the jungle. Shyam too follows them. 

At a distance Shyam finds Shivdas's dead body in the jungle. No sooner Shyam is recouped from the shock he is attacked by the gangsters. Struggling hard he reaches back in his Rubber Estate where Police is already waiting for him with the warrant of arrest on the charge of murdering Shivdas. 

Is Shyam exenorated from the charge of murder ?
Who wins Shyam's love — Maria or Lata ?
To know this all see film Singapore in your favourite theatre.

(From the official press booklet)