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Teen Ustad (1961)

  • Release Date1961
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3952.95 meters
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-34299-MUM
  • Certificate Date12/12/1961

It is the story of an imaginary Indian state prior to Independence. The Maharaja of the said state was a kind and just ruler who loved his subjects like his own children but his son the crown prince was an out and out villain.

One day his sister, Princes Saroj runs short of gas while driving past a village in the state and is helped out of this difficulty by Raju, a young village lad always accompanied by Ramdoot, a trained monkey. Raju also invites Saroj to a function in the village the next day. The princess attends the function but in disguise to avoid publicity. The prince also attends the function and sight a village maiden whom he manages to kidnap with questionable motive. The maiden in a bid to escape jumps down a river and dies. The only witness to this high-handedness of the crown prince was a shepherd who was also shot by him but he survived to relate the incident to the Maharaja. The Maharaja, in turn, punished the prince by banishing him from the state. He also assumed the responsibility of bringing up Lalu, brother of the dead village girl. Later when the Maharaja died, it was disclosed that Lalu was to succeed him when he was a major.

The queen's mother sent Lalu away to a city with Saroj with the intention of educating him besides protecting him from the disinherited Prince who tried to kill him several times before.
Saroj left for the city with little Lalu with Raju and Ramdoot as the only bodyguards. The prince was also on their heels but whether he succeeded in his evil intentions shall remain anybody’s guess till dear patrons, you see this soul-stirring drama on the screen.

[from the official press booklet]