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Toofan Aur Bijlee (1976)

  • LanguageHindi

Detective Rana, his wife, and their young son were murdered by Jugal, Zulfi, and Laloo. They abducted their young daughter Sheela. Her identical twin sister Madhuri hid herself and escaped after promising her dying mother to avenge the crime. Zorawar, a Road Showman, saved her from a cheetah in the jungle and brought her up as his daughter.

Madhuri became the star of a carnival. One day she saw Zulfi at a petrol pump and followed him with Badal, Barkha, and dog Tiger. Thus she managed to enter Jugal's home which he also used both as a Night Club and an 'Ashram' She saw Sheela and found out that she had lost her memory. Her new name was Bijlee and she was dancing at the Night Club. Madhuri was found out but she escaped from there and was chased by Jugal's henchmen. Double agent Azad's helicopter rescued her. They fell in love. 

Smuggler Suleman Saudagar and Abdul Rashid came to meet Jugal. Madhuri and Zorawar trapped them and met Jugal masquerading as the two smugglers. Madhuri learnt that Sheela was also in love with Azad. Suleman and Abdul Rashid managed to arrive at the Night Club. They exposed Madhuri and Zorawar but they too managed to escape.

Madhuri, disguised as Toofan, met Laloo and fought with him on a running train where he lost his life. Suleman was caught in the train by policemen but he took poison and died. 

Zorawar abducted Sheela and Madhuri took over Bijlee's role. He took her on a 'boat cruise where there was a scuffle between them. He slipped from the boat and was drowned. 

Bijlee was extremely angry. She refused to believe Toofan that they were twins. There was a fight between them and that started a fire. That regained her memory.

A song-dance number was staged at the Night Club. Bijlee and Toofan appeared together on the stage and Jugal was amazed. He tried to kill them but Azad saved them. Azad revealed that he was detective Ramesh. 

Jugal trapped them all. He started shooting and Sheela was killed. 

(From the official press booklet)