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Yahoodi Ki Ladki (1957)

  • LanguageHindi

The story of YAHOODI Kl LADK I is based on the conflict of believer and non­believer, and the virtual triumph of virtues over vices. Some thousand years back, the lusty king Pharaoh become so power mad that he declared himself as God of earth. Those who believed his fantastic claim, were prospered and those who did not,tortured and suffered most in humanly. The main opposition against his Godship came from Beni-Israilities, the disciples of Prophet Moses. Bani-al-Sabba, the pious Jew, was the leader of this non-violentcrusaders. The tyrant Pharaoh ruthlessly murders Sabba's brother and only son Shadab and thus creates a reign of terror.   Rashad, the faithful servant of Sabba kidnaps Roohi   the eldest daughter of Pharaoh as revenge   but the kind hearted Sabba intervenes and saves the life of this innocent child.

Years pass by; Roohi grew up as Sabba's loving daughter Farida. She helps Sabba in the Blacksmith shop by doing all sorts of manly jobs. On the other hand, Zakir the ambitious brother and Justice of peace of Pharaoh shrewdly plan to become the ruler of Egypt. While his son Sajjad becomes the daring Commander-in-chief. Sajjad conquers the most invincible kingdom of Syria and brings the seductive queen Zarina as a captive. Pleased with this conquest Pharaoh decides to give his second daughter Rahilla in marriage to Sajjad.  Zakir conspires with Zarina and induces her to seduce Pharaoh so that she can get her Syria back.

Zarina believes Zakir in the beginning and agrees to do away with Pharaoh but at the nick of the time, she understands the double-crossing policy of Zakir.

Once while coming back from a victorious campaign Sajjad happens to meet Farida and loses his heart to her at the very first sight. To gain the love of Farida Sajjad manages to get an employment in Sabba's shop under the disguise of a Jew by the false name of Dawood. On the other side, Quaroon the only son of Pharaoh falls inlove with palace sweepress by the name of Zubeida.

The torture on the Jews go beyond limit. The poor but God-fearing Jews suffered and waited for their deliverance. Thus, Saint Ibrahim, the erstwhile disciple of Moses comes to Egypt from Jerusalem, and out of his spiritual powers  St. Ibrahimcures the blind; lepers, and diseased. The arrival of Ibrahim gives strength to the conscience of the Jews to remain as firm believers of the Almighty in face of all inhuman oppressions. Enraged by this act Pharaoh arrests Ibrahim but his age-old astrologer lfratees warns him not kill Ibrahim as the destruction of Ibrahim is the destruction of Pharaoh and his kingdom. Zakir takes this opportunity to destroy Pharoah and induces him to do away with Ibrahim but the coward Pharaoh pays no heed to his advice. The voluptuous and amorous Zarina having failed to conquer young Sajjad for her lusty designs follows him quietly and exposes him before Farida about his real identity. Farida's heart breaks as Zarina convinces her that Sajjad played with her sentiments treacherously. Sajjad's all attempts fail to convince her and he is hooted out. Not satisfied with this Zarina informs Pharaoh about Sajjad's secret love with a Jewess, Pharaoh imprisons Sajjad for having defied to marryRahilla, his second daughter.
Farida who became frustrated decides to sacrifice her life for a noble cause. She goes and offers herself to Pharaoh for the release of Ibrahim. Zakir again plays a treacherous game to double-cross Farida and Pharaoh. Did he succeed in his evil designs? Did Pharaoh was able to establish his Godship on the Godfearing Jews? What Sajjad has done to remove the misunderstanding of Farida? How God punishes the evil-doers? All this youwill see on the s1ilver screen.

(From the official press booklet)