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Aag Hi Aag (1987)

  • Release DateApril 3, 1987
  • GenreStunt, Action
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time170 minutes
  • Length4901.18 meters
  • Number of Reels20
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU/A
  • Censor Certificate NumberUA-439-MUM
  • Certificate Date24/03/1987
  • Shooting LocationFilm City, Filmistan, Mehboob Chandicali

Daku Sher Singh (Dharmendra) accidentally kills Doctor (Vinod Mehra). To atone for his misdeed he surrenders himself to the police.  The dacoit leader Daulat Singh (Danny) tried to stop him. but of no avail. Sher Singh did not listen to him. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Sher Singh’s son Vijay (Chunky Pande) was in love with Aarti (Neelam) daughter of Daulat Singh. Even today Daulat Singh was the leader of the Dacoits. Ganga (Shakti Kapoor) was Vijay’s sworn enemy. Daulat Singh summons Ganga to separate the couple Vijay and Aarti who love each other. Ganga accomplished the work of separating the two. Ganga (Moushumi) tries to save her son but Bhairon (Mac Mohan) Who was an old accomplice of Sher Singh recognizes Ganga and stops Gangva from shooting her. At that moment Suraj (Shatru) doctor’s son who had taken a vow that he would take revenge by killing Sher Singh, was now an S. S. P. Of Police. He reached just in time and drove away from the Dacoits, in the course of time Suraj became friendly with Vijay. Did Vijay manage to win back his love Aarti whether they lived happily ever time? 

Whether Suraj pardoned his father’s murderer? whether Chaudhry realized his mistake. To all these questions the answer is Vishal Deep International Combines, Produced by Pahalaj Nihalani Director by Shibu Mitra in “AAG HI AAG”.

(From the official press booklet)