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Arab Ka Saudagar (1956)

  • Release Date10/02/1956
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time141 mins
  • Length3856.63 meters
  • Number of Reels15
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-16444-MUM
  • Certificate Date25/05/1956
  • Shooting LocationShree Kant Studios Ltd., Chembur
The true love always ends in triumphs, such as virtue always triumphs over the vices-THIS IS THE THEME OF “ARAB KA SAUDAGAR”.
The kingdom of Samrakand was the land of beauty, spectacle grandeur and justice during the reign of Amir Ali Haider, but his villainous ad greedy nephew-cum-vazir Shaddad who had an eye on the bewitching princess Nilofar, the one and only heir of the throne, to become the master of the kingdom and thus created all sorts of intrigues. The big hurdle on his path was General Kassam, the commander-in-chief. Shaddad accuses General Kassam of treason, murder and loot of innocent merchants supported by false evidence of his henchman, Taufiq who actually did the loot and murder for Shaddad. Amir Ali Haider sentences General Kassam to death and Shaddad throws him into the deep sea tied in a sack.
The news of the execution of Kassam reaches Bukhara, the neighboring state. Kassam’s dashing and handsome cousin Parwaaz, pledges to take revenge on Shaddad who is the root cause of Kassam’s untimely end.
Parwaaz starts in the garb of a merchant to Samarkand and his caravan is looted by Taufiq and among other Parwaaz is also taken as a slave in the palace, where the princess Nilofar is charmed by his dashing and debonair look. Parwaaz fell in love Nilofar. One day he was caught by Shaddad while making love with the Princess and is mercilessly beaten and presuming him to be dead Shaddad throws him away in a nearby desert. The rustic gypsy belle Naaz picks him up and nurses him to health. Parwaaz becomes restless and the fire of revenge starts burning inside him. Naaz who understood the reason of his restlessness introduced him to Baba Mustafa, and another as Kamran, the outlaw who foils every oppressive move of Shaddad and his henchmen. Parwaaz who is madly in love with Nilofar decides to break through barriers put by Shaddad. Parwaaz enters the palace first as a gypsy but had to leave after a short glimpse of his love. Second time he goes as “ARAB KA SAUDAGAR” accomapanied by his comedian friend Dildar Khan and stays there as a royal guest. This time Shaddad manages to detect him and Parwaaz miraculously escapes after bitter fight with Taufiq and his men. Shaddad who becomes furious at the news of Parwaaz still alive announces a reward of 10,000 gold pieces and commands his men to bring Parwaaz dead or alive. This has put Parwaaz and Nilofar to great difficulty. The sudden separation from the lover makes her sick. All the efforts of the royal physicians of Samarkand failed and the condition of the princess becomes worse. Amir Ali Haider proclaims that he will give anything and everything to the person who will cure his one and only daughter. But the Amir sees only darkness around him. Suddenly a ray of hope appears in the form of a Greek Hakim and promises to cure the princess provided he is amply rewarded. Amir Ali Haider promises to give him whatever he demands. This Hakim is actually Parwaaz and by his magic touch Nilofar becomes alright. Amir announces a big celebration in honour of the Hakim. Here Parwaaz demands the hands of his love as reward. Fate was against him. Shaddad recognizes Parwaaz and orders for his immediate execution. Amir Ali Haider objects to this but Shaddad this time orders for the arrest of Amir also.
Was Parwaaz executed? Does Nilofar win her love? Did Baba Mustafa was able to exact revenge on Shaddad? See the thrilling end in the spectacular and gorgeous Gevacolor filled with action, romance blended with melodious songs and magnificent dances on the Silver Screen.
(From the official press booklet)