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Chandi Ki Deewar (1964)

  • GenreRomance
  • FormatBlack and White
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length4068.95 Mts
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-42768-MUM
  • Certificate Date16/10/1964
  • Shooting LocationRooptara, Kardar, R K, Mehboob Studios

Chandi-Ki-Deewar, which means the glistering wall of wealth, is not only an unusual tale but is also the burning topic of the day. The lure of wealth is so irresistible that even the wise, despite looking down upon it in principle, try to possess some.

As poverty is a symbol of darkness so is wealth symbol of light. The poor are obliged to live a life of the under-dog while the rich not always get to the end. Wealth may not be an end by itself but is surely the means without which nothing could be attained.

Intrigued with the problem of immensity of wealth, Ajay Varma, the big business tycoon of Calcutta, had been speeding past in his swanky limousine. He suddenly noticed a pedestrian trying to commit suicide by allowing himself to be run over by his automobile. He tried to cut speed and the machine came to dead stop with a loud screech!

Shouted Ajay Varma in temper "Want to die?" Came the quick reply "would have been fine" "what"? Ajay turned quickly to look at the face of the man to ascertain he was not loony.

But he gave a start instead!
The pedestrian was his exact double!
What a quirk of fate-even the men with like faces do not share the same bounties of nature!

Ajay Varma saw a ray of hope-of solving his own problem!
He took his double home.

It is not the end of the story-It is the beginning-
And if you must know the end, dear patrons!

See Chandi-Ki-Deewar as we did!

(From the official press booklet)