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Haha Hihi Hoo Hoo (1955)

  • Release Date1955
  • GenreComedy
  • FormatB-B
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationDeccan Studios, Poona-2

The Haha Dancing party owed its prosperity to Kamala who shouldered every responsibility of the concern and never thought of her own happiness. But her widowed mother and her companion, Kalavati had succeed in negotiating with Choupatlal, a marriage broker, about Kamala's marriage with a wealthy Prince Kumar.

Meanwhile Kumar the prince lost his royal robes, as his state had merged. He then decided to marry a wealthy bride and informed Choupatlal accordingly. Choupatlal promptly proposed to him Rai Saheb Deen Dayal' daughter Roopmati as a bride, and despatched letters accordingly.

At the same time Choupatlal had written another letter to a certain bridegroom Kumar, expressing his inability to do anything for him.

Chaupatlal's assistant Sunder committed a blunder in despatch of these letters. The letter intended for the wealthy prince went to Kumar the poor.

Raisaheb, Roopmati, the poor Kumar, his uncle Satyanarain along with seth Laxmidas went to Rajmahal hotel. The Ha Ha girls also reached the town by the same train.

The Ha Ha girls mistook the poor Kumar to be the wealthy Kumar and conspired to marry with Kumar. They therefore addressed Kamala as Rajkumari Kamala Devi Sinha.

Roopmati's birthday celebration provided Kamala a good opportunity to impress Kumar. This she did with a great success. The Haha girls clicked their cameras and obtained timely snaps of Kumar and Kamala together.

In spite of Kumar's protest Satyanarain fixed Kumar's marriage with Roopmati. The Celebration started with a dance of Ha Ha party. Kamala came to stage in the attire of a postman and delivered envelops to Roopmati and Kumar in the course of the dance. The enveloped contained the photograph of Kumar and Kamala.

This shocked Roopmati and caused confusion. Rai Saheb broke the negotiations and reached the station to leave the town in despair. Choupatlal forged Kumar's signature and sent his fake letter of repentence to Rai Saheb, who then returned to the hotel with Roopmati to celebrate the marriage.

It is upto you to watch what happened next. Whether Roopmati was married with Kumar or whether Kamala's love was a success. You have to hold to your seats tightly for the thrilling episode that will follow.

[From the official press booklet]