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Inkaar (1977)

  • LanguageHindi

On the night that Haridas Choudhary held a party to celebrate his wedding anniversary, he received a mysterious phone call informing him that his ten year old son, Guddu had been kidnapped for ransom.
The family was a panic when Guddy came back from playing in the garden and they all laughed it off as a bad joke, till it was discovered, that by mistake the driver's son, Bansi, of the same age and build as Guddu, had been taken.
The police were called in. The man in charge was CID Inspector Amar - Haridas did not know he was the same young man who was in love with his sister Geeta, and whom he had forbidden Geeta to meet because he thought that the boy she felt she was in love with was after her wealth - At that time Geeta had surrendered to his wishes and pledged to forget Amar.
The Kidnapper stuck to his plan even though he had the wrong boy and demanded Rs. 20 lakhs for his safe return. This was the snag, for Haridas refused to pay such a large amount for his driver's son. Moreover this was the amount which Haridas had taken as loan from his firm, National Shoes, to buy over a large block of shares from a firm at Delhi, so that he could gain firm control of the company and score a victory over his profit hungry partners who wanted him to sacrifice his integrity and manufacture sub-standard goods.
But pressures in his family and his own basic generous nature faced him to pay the ransom for Bansi on the next day. But his hopes were dashed when the kidnapper, after getting the money refused to return Bansi.
Amar threw himself into the investigation, body and soul, for everybody now believed that Bansi would be killed to stop him from identifying the criminals.
A slender clue led Amar to the hide-out of the gang where two accomplices Manmhand and Preeti where cornered and arrested, and Bansi was rescued. But Rajsingh the master mind eluded them with the money.
In the meanwhile, Haridas' partners took over National Shoes, and filed a suit against him for embezzlement of the 20 lakhs of rupees. A lenient judge game him ten days to repay the amount or his home and property would be auctioned off.
Now Amar was at wit's end till he thought of a master plan to bluff Rajsingh out of his hiding place.
On the day that Haridas Chowdhary's home was being auctioned Raj Singh was on the run with Amar in hot pursuit.
Could he catch up with him in time? Would Haridas' and his beloved Geeta's honour be saved? Or would a dangerous criminal go unpunished? See "INKAAR" for the suspenseful breathtaking climax that is guaranteed to leave you spell bound.