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Jeevan Sathi (1957)

  • Release Date1957
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationShree Sound Studio & Mohan Studio

There are occasions in a man's life when his patience and his wisdom have to withstand a test of fire.

A similar occasion had come in the life of Harish. During the absence of his father on a foreign tour, the tending of the home and the vast business interests had become his own responsibility. Meanwhile his mother died and he had hardly stopped reeling under the shock when he discovered that his sister Shashi had fallen in love with a young lawyer named Shreekant who, he late discovered, was not only married to a charming woman called Usha but also had a son. Shashi, from whom the crafty lawyer had carefully suppressed these facts, had fallen for the glitter that surrounded men moving in sophisticated society.

The more shattering was the blow because Shashi had already been engaged to an estimable young farmer named Manohar and, unknown to Harish and very much under the hypnotic spell exercised by the city man, she had secretly broken off the engagement.

Meanwhile, Manohar, travelling to the city in order to thresh the matter out personally with his ex-fiance, became involved in an accident which put him into a hospital where he was looked after by a female fellow passenger, who turned out to be none other than Usha, the wife of Shreekant. Her married status remaining uncleared, he fell in love with her and this created further complications.

How Harish, exercising his mature wisdom and tact and resorting to some strategems, eventually cleared up the ugly mess into which three households had thus got themselves forms the substance of the moving story that is now about to unfold itself before you on the screen......

[From the official press booklet]



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