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Kabli Khan (1963)

  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time123 min
  • Gauge35
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU- 75096- MUM

India today is resounding with patriotic songs. It is the heroes we sing of, the martyrs we pay tribute to. And we sound the clarion call. “WATAN KI AAN KHATRE ME HAI, HOSHIAR HO JAO”.


An enemy is at our frontiers, others within and around,  are trying to take undue advantage of our predicament, they are forgetful of their own ultimate interests.


It is at such a moment that we (the film-makers, the creators of Kabli Khan) also join our humble voice in singing the glory of a hero. To whatever clime or region he belongs is immaterial. He has a message for us today.


Kabli Khan is also faced with an aggressor, Shehbaz, who lays claim to the countries of others. Attacks, loots, burns and commits all sorts of brutalities that go with these brutal conquests. Kabli Khan has also suffered initial reverses; greater perhaps than we have, in as much as that his country, Yakistan, has been overrun. He is condemned war prisoner, face to face with death, digging his own grave at the command of Shehbaz. He escapes, collects a band of devoted followers around him and start digging the grave for mighty-victorious Shehbaz. A legend builds around Kabli Khan’s name, Shehbaz is harassed, the mercinaries in his army are no match for this elusive opponent. Kabli Khan, however, realizes soon that other adjoining states are in danger of being over-run and that he can not bring Shehbaz to a decisice showdown without an organized army. He approaches the chiefs of these adjoining states for military aid. Is refused, humiliating conditions are offered to him…..


How Kabli Khan manages to fight and finally vanquish the aggressor; is the subject matter of our film. Is is fiction, but is has realistic bearing upon our present day problems. It has a suggestion for our neighbouring countries to grasp.


Kabli Khan is sure to inspire and as sure to ENTERTAIN.


(From the official press booklet)



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