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Kahani Kismat Ki (1973)

  • GenreDrama, Action
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor Certificate Number74097
  • Certificate Date19/12/1973
  • Shooting LocationMehboob Studios

Let one not spare any stone unturned to get something but he will get only that which is written in his fate. 

Premchand comes to his father-in-law with a female child. His father-in-law makes this child the heir of all his money and property. She in not the real daughter of Premchand but of a doctor and this secret is known to a man named Karan Singh. This man blackmails Premhand and charges Ten thousand per month to keep it a secret with him. With the laps of time the girl grows up and becomes a beautifull young lady. 

Looking like a gentleman the hero of the film, Ajeet breaks the safes and steals money and ornamets with his father. One night Police chase them. He dies at home and Ajeet is arrested. He is through behind the bars for two years. 

Ajeet's bag is exhcanged in a store, when he comes to his house he finds the bag is full with hundred rupees notes. He comes to Premchand to give him back the bag. Considering Ajeet to be a honest man Premchand employs him. But now Ajeet suffers from scramps. Rekha supposed to be daughter of Premchand falls in love with him and when Premchand comes to know about their love affair he permits them to get married. But the doctor discloses Ajeet that he is suffering from blood cancer. This is the irony of the fate. All the hopes of Ajeet are vanished and all the dreams are scattered. 


The blackmailer demands his instalment but Premchand refuses to give a single paisa. So Premchand requests Ajeet to steal money and his documents from the safe of Karamsingh, Ajeet thinks about the future of his mother, brother, sister and he decided to steal money and documents so that they may not suffer after his death. on the same night Karan Singh is murdered. In the morning Ajeet is arrested by Police. 


Is Ajeet sentenced to death or not? The real culprit is arrested or not? For answer of the questions see the film "Kahani Kismet Ki".