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Kal Hamara Hai (1959)

  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm

Two young tortured souls, met in Madhu Na Bharat.

"I fail to understand, Madhu" said Bharat, "Why does not the man grant his fellow beings a human existance? What do we aspire for? - a simple innocent human existance!

Why is even that denied to us?

Eyes full of tears, was Madhu's reply.

Fate introduce them; it seems! that both were born a part of each other. Together they could have lived a beautiful life. But...........?

Bela had to discontinue her studies, because she was poor. The curse of poverty, which she could not attribute to any of her short-comings, got on her nerves; till the road-side Romeos and the rich ones pointed out to her that she was young and beautiful.

With vengeance Bela, the Beauty Queen, flirted with the rich ones the big ones, the innocent ones. Her beauty fooled every one, But...........?

Seth Hiralal was one of the big businessmen of India. He bought every one, sold everything, valued nothing. If only one dared to differ, he was put out.

Bharat, Madhu and Bela had all differed with him. They were all lost when the reverberating cry sounded.

"Look, behind the darkest clouds of agony,

A Star twinkles

To-day, we may be hard put.

But Tomorrow is Ours"

"Tomorrow is Ours," is he slogan of India today. We are working through difficult re-construction period but with our efforts, the Sun of the difficult Era is setting.

Kal Hamara Hai is the story of Madhu,
of Bela, who was lost;
of Seth Hiralal, who created tragedies
It is the story of Bharat that is our hero.

And the story of Bharat that is India.

( From The Official Press Booklets )