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Johnny Walker (1957)

  • LanguageHindi

Manohar was a graduate and unemployed, and had got into the habit of drinking. He stayed with his elder brother who was a well respected member of the community. When his brother learnt about his drinking habits, he was shocked and infuriated. But both he and his wife loved Manohar like their own son and thought that Manohar after getting a job would stop drinking and fortunately Manohar managed to get a job in an Advertising concern by a recommendation letter supplied by his friend Shankar who was also a drunk. But by now the drinking had got into his blood and his brother and bhabhi were disappointed. IN the office Manohar met Chandra-a Sindhi girl who was working as the private Secretary of the manager of the firm. And they both fell in love with each other. Now his bhabi pinned her hopes on this girl for making Manohar give up his bad habit. 'Once married, men can be tamed', she thought. But even now inspite of being in love with a nice girl Manohar went on drinking. And once at the point of being discovered, he told Chandra that his brother was a big drunk and he had to take care of his family. Chandra in her own honest attempt to set things right went to his brother and accused him of misbehaving and spoiling his good brother's name. Manohar's brother took the whole blame on himself and promised Chandra not to drink again. He did not want to lose Chandra who was their only hope and he took a promise from Manohar that he would not tell Chandra the truth till they get married and then he would give up drinking. Manohar promised. Chandra called her father from Poona to meet Manohar and give his approval. But as the luck would have it, that very day Manohar was dismissed from his job and he came to meet Chandra's father in a drunken state. He told him and Chandra that he was a drunk and a big liar and he did not want to deceive them. Chandra was simply staggered by this and her father became very angry. The house of cards built by Manohar's brother was shattered. Now he would never give up drinking. But Chandra had not given him up. She realised that Manohar needed him all the more. She would make him give up this drinking habit. Manohar tried to dissuade her from this and advised her to get married to a nice boy but she loved him and struck to him. And now the fight was on.
Manohar wanted to stop the drinking but failed to do so. Manohar's brother and bhabhi had to go to Indore and they wanted to take Manohar with them but Manohar failed to reach the station. There were only two days left in the prohibition enforced by the Government on 6th April, 1950 and he got drunk into the bar. Chandra was happy thinking that Manohar had gone out of Bombay and shall be free from the bad influence of his friends. And Manohar started selling even the household things of his brother to get drunk even after the prohibition...
How did Chandra succeed in her purpose...
Forms the most thrilling and hilarious climax of this picture 'Johnny Walker'.