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King Uncle (1993)

  • LanguageHindi

Ashok Bansal is a multimillionaire industrialist. As a result of a personal incident in childhood he realised that money is the only important thing in life, sentiments and love have no meaning whatsoever. Hence he lived a life devoid of love and emotions.

Ashok Bansal has a younger sister Suneeta who lives like a lamb under the shadow of his rigid rules and regulations. Suneeta has a soft corner of Kamal, one of Ashok's staff members. Anil, his youngest brother has his own ideas. For him his brother's big mansion is like a Jail. Anil is in love with Kavita, a middle class girl and he intends to marry her. Ashok comes to know about this and there is a dramatic confrontation between two brothers. Anil leaves this mansion and marries Kavita to live a life of his own.

Suneeta cries at Anil's departure, and still more when she is married off to Pradeep Malik, a budding industrialist by Ashok Bansal. Ashok was unaware of the fact that Pradeep Malik was a debauch and that Pradeep had married his sister Suneeta just for the lure of his money and possible share of his wealth. After the departure of Anil and Suneeta, Ashok Bansal is left all alone in the four walls of his mansion.

Munna is a young and bold orphan girl who stays in an orphanage run by a strict and hard drinking sadist Shanti Devi, who derives pleasure in beating the orphan children.

Munna runs away from the orphanage and comes in Ashok Bansal's life. Seeing his wealth, his life style, his mansion, she calls him King Uncle. She breaks all his rigid rules and discipline and becomes a menace in his life. An irritated Ashok Bansal leaves her back to the orphanage, but then starts missing her. Unknowingly he had fallen in love with this young orphan girl and brings her back to home.

Munna with her charm and innocence and with the help of Ashok's secretary Fanny, transforms the hard disciplined man into a kind and loving human being. During the course of his transformation he falls in love with Fanny.

The changed Ashok Bansal who was once alone wants his family back. On enquiring he comes to know that his sister Suneeta is being tortured by her husband Pradeep Malik. He frees her from his clutches and gives her hand to Kamal, the man she had once loved. He then goes in search of Anil, his younger brother who is working as a motor mechanic in Pratap's garage. Pratap wants to eliminate Anil as he comes to know about Pratap's real business of stolen cars. Ashok saves his brother form Pratap and brings Anil and Kavita home.

After the family reunion Ashok decides to legally adopt Munna. But a dark cloud looms over Ashok Bansal. Munna's long lost parents appear and take Munna away from Ashok Bansal.

Is Ashok Bansal able to bear the pain of separation?

Is Munna able to live without Ashok Bansal?

Are Munna's parents real? If not who are they?

For answers see KING UNCLE on the big screen.

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