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Krishna Krishna (1986)

  • LanguageHindi

Sri Krishna and Sudama were learning together at "Sandipan Ashram," One day they had gone to Jungle to bring fuel. Sudama felt so hungry that he ate his as well as Sri Krishna's share of 'Chana" brought from home. When this fact was brought to the knowledge of Guru's wife, she became very angry and cursed Sudama that he would ever remain poor. After the learning was over, Sudama joined his maternal uncle and Shri Krishna returned to Gokul.

Twenty years have passed. Sudama was already maried to Sushila and theyhad a couple of children as well. As cursed by Guru's wife, Sudama had been in acute poverty and sometimes had to starve with children. But he was unmindful of the sufferings and was always absorbed in chanting the glory of Sri Krishna.

In Dwarka, Sri Krishna was living happily with Ruckmani, Satyabhama, Jamvanti and thousands of other queens.

Being jealous of name and fame of Sri Krishna, Basudeva Pondrik announced himself as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and real Sri Krishna. He declared that the present Krishna was a fake and cheat. Sudama and his family were tortured in every way by Prachand Deo and other associates of Pondrik. And their small cottage was also set on fire in which their two children died.

Pondrik challenged Shri Krishna for battle. Pondrik was badly defeated, but his men encouraged him for another battle and started preparation for it.

After repeated requests of his wife, Sudama hesitantly went to Dwarka Puri to meet Sri Krishna. Sudama was given a Royal reception by Sri Krishna and the queens and was treated very fondly as old friend during his stay at the Palace. While returning, he was a little bit sad as he was not given anything in kind or coin which could atleast mitigate a part of his hardship. But he found his cottage had turned into a Palace and a battalion of servants after her wife.

At last Sri Krishna and Pondrik met in the second battle. Sri Krishna cut off the original hands of Pondrik. After that he too fell at the feet of Sri Krishna and said "Oh Lord, forgive me for the trouble. I wanted 'MUKTI' salvation and that could be achieved if a man dies by your hand. So whatever I did, with purpose and knowledge." He then died at the feet of Sri Krishna.

(From the official press booklets)