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Lamboo In Hongkong (1967)

  • GenreAction, Comedy
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3846.15 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-50909-MUM
  • Certificate Date24/05/1967

The hands of the law are longer than the legs of the lawbreaker....No criminal can escape far from the iron clutches of law.

The Police officer Mr. Lamba-nicknamed by the underworld as "LAMBOO"-was the dread to all Smugglers of this country as well as abroad. He was particularly the eye-sore of the international Smuggler Jaggi and his gang, whose number of consignments sent to India were very often seized by Mr. Lamba.

Jaggi was a fugitive Smuggler, hiding away in Hongkong and running a wide net of international Smuggling. To finish off Lamba, Jaggi ingennously sets up a trap, killing Lamba's elder brother who is a professor in Hongkong. Shocked and enraged by this news, Lamba cables his arrival to his niece Geeta in Hongkong.

Jaggi grabs the cable from the middle, and chalks out a plan with his colleagues to shoot down Lamba on his landing at the Hongkong Airport but as the luck would have it, the tables are turned on Jaggi.... and from here onwards commences an unending duel of wits between Lamba and Jaggi, wildly flaring up in the heart of Hongkong the biggest Eastern harbour of international crooks.

Failing in his murderous motives, the infuriated Jaggi kidnaps Lamba's niece and keeps her as hostage to compel Lamba to Surrender... But Lamba and Kailash the super sleuth of the Indian Scotland yard at Hongkong totally unknowing each other jump headlong into electrifying adventures, risking their precious lives at the call of duty.

Did Lamba and Kailash the guardians of law, surrender to the tyranny of Jaggi?

Did Geeta lose her life?

Could Lamba capture criminal Jaggi?

Could Kailash prove himself a real hero? and gallantly win the heart of his lady love Geeta?

Your curiosity may be mounting to the highest pitch... but please hold your breath and let the screen solve all these questions, through the most explosive adventures that have ever thrilled you.

(From the official press booklet)



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