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Maalamaal (1988)

  • LanguageHindi

MAALAMAAL is the story of a footpath dweller named Raja. Story of Raja's dreams.

Raja has only two ambitions in life - one to afford his fellow dwellers in the Basti the basic necessities of life i.e. food, clothes and houses in respectable surroundings. And the second wishful thinking is to play a cricket match with India's ace cricketer Sunil Gawaskar. Raja has only one friend to share his lot with Govind.

Govind can do anything for Raja but he too is helpless owing to poverty. He can risk his life for Raja but he cannot do anything to help Raja fulfill his down to earth ambitions.
And Destiny's miracle dawns upon them one day.

Raja's grandfather leaves behind a huge fortune of Rs. 3,30,00,00,000 willed in favour of Raja. After reckless search for the luckiest inheritor, the late Dada's attorneys are able to locate whereabouts of Raja, and as they break the news to Raja, he is stunned and stumbles for a moment. But when he told about a condition of the Will that Raja can only be entitled to the fortune if he can squander 30 crores within thirty days only. There are other clauses to the condition that Raja cannot divulge this secret to anyone whatsoever and the other clause that he cannot buy up any property in his name or otherwise with the said will's fortune. Though he can only spend upto the extent of 5% towards donation. And if he is unable to squander the said 30 crores within 30 days, then he stands to lose the balance 3000 crores, which in that case will go to the late Dada's Trust which is also managed by Dada's attorneys Raja accepts the challenge.

The attorney's secretary Poonam is deputed to look after Raja in his disbursements and to keep track of accounts. When Poonam sees Raja squandering the money ruthlessly she feels pity on him, but in the process Raja has lost his heart to Poonam without her being aware of it. Raja natures his love for her but cannot dare to disclose it in face of Poonam's status and duty involved.

The attorneys are also trying their utmost to create hurdles in the way of Raja in order to refrain him from spending the 30 crore in stipulated time of 30 days but Raja outsmarts them on each and every count.

It is mad mad mad game of wits between the wily forces and the happy go lucky Raja, which only film MAALAMAAL can narrate on the silver screen. Did Raja fulfill his dreams? Did Raja succeed in winning over the fortune as well as his innocent love?

You have to see MAALAMAAL on screen to believe it.

(From the official press booklets)


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