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Mahaanta (1997)

  • LanguageHindi

The story of 'Mahanta' is about love, sacrifice and friendship. Raj Malhotra (Mohsin Khan) and Vijay Kapur (Jitendra) are childhood friends. Sanjay (Sanjay Dutt) is Raj Malhotra's younger brother. Vijay and Raj are together from childhood, but Vijay's uncle (Sayeed Jafary) gets Vijay's posting at some place so that Vijay could get promotion and this way both the friends get apart in life for the first time. Time passes Raj sends Sanjay for police-training and he himself goes to Bombay and gets a job as a manager in a shipping company. Kedarnath (Amrish Puri) owns that shipping company and he does smuggling under cover of it. People adore him as a God but nobody is aware of his real motive. After completing police-training Sanju comes back to his brother. Incidentally, Vijay Kapoor too gets transferred to Bombay. Old friends get ecstasized once more. In the same area there comes Jeni (Madhuri Dixit) who is uncle Pinto's (Satyen Kappu) daughter. 

Both of them are floored by each other. One day Jeni comes across Maheshnath Maheshnath (Tej Sapru) is Kedarnath's only son and he is madly in love with Jeni and Jeni's negative attitude towards Maheshnath compels him to harass her. During all this, Sanjay bumps on to Mahesh and thrashes him badly. Kedarnath gets wild at his son's sorrow and to save the reputation of his ancestry he makes a devious move. He threatens Jeni's father and assigns somebody to kill Sanju. Afterwards he fixes Maheshnath's marriage with Jeni. Sanju takes Jeni out of mandap (full with people) and he maligns Kedarnath in front of all the people Kedarnath could not tolerate this and in order to take revenge from Sanju he calls Nanubhai Chatewale (Paresh Rawal) who accepts "supari" and kill people. Kedarnath assigns him to kill Sanju Somehow commissioner Kapur gets to know about it and he, asserting Sanju sends him behind bars so that he could save him from Nanu Inspector Dube (Shakti Kapur) is there When Sanju comes out of jail, he comes to know that Kedarnath has got his elder brother (bhaiya) and bhabhi murdered Sanju thinks that even Vijay Kapur is his enemy. He makes a list of  Maheshnath, Nanubhai, Inspector Dube and Kedarnath and killing all of them he takes the revenge of his bhaiya & bhabhi's murder.

(From the official press booklets)