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Main Shadi Karne Chala (1962)

  • LanguageHindi

This romantic story is placed in the beautiful lake city of Srinagar and the awe-inspiring exteriors of Kashmir. Deepak (J.S. JOHAR) runs a photo studio in the houseboat on the Jhelum river with his friend Raja (RAJENDER NATH).

Through a series of hilarious situations Deepak succeeds in winning the love of Seema (SAEEDA KHAN) the youngest daughter of a retired magistrate, Jankidas (BADRI PRASAD). But her mother (DURGA KHOTE) will not allow them to marry unless Seema's four elder sisters are married first.

Now these girls are all faddists. Vidya (PRAVIN CHOWDHARY) is a literati; Menka (TABASSUM) is a dancer; Ragini (MALKA) is a singer and Lily (MUMTAZ) is a sports-girl. They all want to marry only experts and champions and champions in their respective lines.

Again through highly original and humourous pranks, Deepak succeeds in finding four respective bridegrooms namely, Prakash (PREM CHOPRA) Ashoke (RAJ KUMAR) and Kewal (FEROZ KHAN) and last but not least Raja himself. But they are all novices in their respective lines. When the fraud is found out due to a blunder on the part of Kewal, who alone is a genuine swimming champion, the angry girls refuse to marry. Jankidas is now fed up and decides to send them away. Seema brings sense into her sisters and they all agree to marry the four boys.

But when everything appears rosy, Kewal says he cannot marry Lily unless his widowed sister Shyama (MANJU) is married first. When Deepak promises to get a husband for her, he is misunderstood. To his utter surprise Deepak finds himself engaged to Shyama. When Seema learns of this she is heart broken. But for the sake of her sisters she asks her parents to find anyone for her husband. When Deepak comes out of the mess, it is too late. Seema has left the house.

The final climax is laid in the snowy regions of Kashmir, its glaciers and rapids and shot in eye-filling Eastman Colour. Risking his life Deepak succeeds in saving Seema from certain death on the brink of a steep waterfall.

Thus our film closes on the fivefold marriages of the five daughters of Jankidas and Jankibai with five bridegrooms and all's well that ends well on the tune of "Main Shadi Karna Chala".

(From the official press booklets)