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Main Nashe Men Hoon (1959)

  • LanguageHindi

'Shut down the club-haunts of colourful corruption-no more wine-no more woman'.......

This was the voice of the son-same of his father and the same of his grand-father too.

The city magistrate Kundanlal hated his father, who was a drinker, debotch and a murderer. His hatred was so great that he burnt the photograph of his father, which always hunted him. He always kept his young son from his grand-father's footprints. He never said a word to him about his grand-father. He never allowed the word 'wine' and the word 'woman' to be talked and discussed in his family. He only loved his own name and was proud of his young son Ram.

But his fate had a different mind.

A bad friend took Ram in a certain party, gave him a drink and threw him into a woman's arms.

And the drunken Ram returned home only to face his father, who hated wine and woman and never wanted his father's shameful story to be repeated in his house.

But Ram was now a trapped soul-out to repeat his grandfather's story.

What happed to Ram? 

How his judge father faced his pain?

You will get the answers on the silver screen.

(From the official press booklets)