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Mahaveera (1988)

  • LanguageHindi


Story of the victim of circumstances. As every young girl has the desire to be a Bahu Beti of a good family, so Dolly a young girl also wanted to be ...... But it was not destined. Circumstances compel her rather force Dolly to become a Daku - And her brother Deepak Kisaan a Police Inspector.

Circumstances situate a young respectable citizen Vijay Varma back to the Wall - And circumstances make Vijay to "Mahaveera" to take the revenge of his elder brother Ajay Varma, who is shot dead by DON.

DON a kingpin of underworld is a brother of D.S.P. who are twins. Don treats law as a waste paper and D.S.P. treats law as a religion. What circumstances made Dolly a daku............

What circumstances made Vijay a MAHAVEERA..........

What is the position of DON and D.S.P. Why all this?

Please come and see the movie of noble people with the THEME. "None is born BAD circumstances make them - Circumstances.

(From the official press booklets)