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Mere Huzoor (1968)

  • LanguageHindi

Nawab Salim was lost in the illusive world of his own. It was all mirage without any destination.

Time passed on. One day he happened to see Saltanant and for him she was interpretation and culmination of all his dreams. In his case, it was love at first sight.

But the girl had already given her heart to a young poet Akhtar Hussain Akhtar and their romance took wings.

On the other hand, Saltanat's image was reflected in everything that Nawab Salim conceived and yearnings for her made his life most miserable and restless.

One day he requested his sister Shama to approach the girl's father for the hand of his daughter, with a solemn assurance that he would completely change his ways of life so as to be worthy of Saltanat.

Shama did oblige her brother but Saltanat was married not to Nawab Salim but to Akhtar.

What parts Nawab Salim, Saltanat and Akhtar play on the ever-changing chessboard of time and destiny, you will enjoy with laughter and tears on the screen.

(From the official press booklet)