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Miss India (1957)

  • LanguageHindi

RAMA spent her wedding night alone in her room and woke up the next morning to find that her husband was missing.

Then came the terrible revelation that in spite of her education and beauty, in spite of her fathr's best efforts to find a suitable match for her, she had been tricked into marrying a crook, a cheat, an imposter, a person who had deserted her in less than 24 hours of their marriage and left her to face the wrath of the creditors.

Rama could have disowned him; she found have accepted defeat and treated it as a sad experience that had better be forgotten.

Instead, undaunted, she undertook, not only to pay off the liabilities of her husband but to search him, to bring him back to the path of righteousness.

She sets out for Bombay to locate her husband. In this long and eventful search, she dons many costumes, masquerades as a boy, does odd jobs, meets strange people and gets involved in hilarious predicaments before she is finally able to regain her lost husband and make him realize the dangers inherent in his remaining a pawn in the hands of a criminal gang.

"MISS INDIA" is a tribute to the Modern Eve who brings Adam back to the Garden of Eden. It is the story of a girl who represents the best in our ancient culture and modern civilization.

(From the official press booklet)