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Mitti Men Sona (1960)

  • LanguageHindi

The two young neighbours Kewal and Usha started loving each other without caring what was in store for them, as Kewal's mother has already arranged her son's marriage elsewhere. Kewal takes Usha to a temple and makes her his wife in his own way and spends a happy night together, before proceeding to U.K. for further study with a State scholarship. Usha comes to know after Kewal's departure from his mother what she has decided about her son's marriage. Usha can only write to Kewal-Kewal's assurance does not reach her. She again misunderstands, but the symptoms of motherhood appear prominently with Usha which her uncle and aunt notice duly. They are reluctant to give Usha further shelter in the face of a social scandal, Usha decides to commit suicide, only to be rescued by the priest of a temple. He takes the miserable girl to the temple.
Kewal returns home only to see Usha is missing. His mother is really sorry as she knew nothing from her son but then the girl could not be traced and Kewal joins his new post as an officer.

The votaries of the temple did not like a young girl staying in the temple and it is the Janmasthami celebration-when Usha overhears how they are vilifying the honest and innocent priest. She again leaves the abode of God-to find some solace in some place in God's world. She confronts tempest and storm with all its fury and the baby in her womb pains her. In such inclemency of weather and catastrophic condition the unfortunate one is born and the another can hardly protect it against the fury of the nature. She is snatched away from the baby by a gust of wind and an ex-army officer rescues the newly born and there he finds a locket lying around.

The baby is put into an Ashram and the poor mother has become crazy for her lost baby. While moving in pursuit of the lost child she has united with Kewal by good stroke of fortune and now Kewal marries Usha duly. Usha is however always thinking of the missing baby, and on the Doctor's advice Kewal decides to adopt of a child as that could bring normalcy in her. The pair comes to the same Ashram and strangely enough Usha picks up her own child for adoption. The ex-army officer does not object the adoption as he has discovered the picture of Usha in locket, which he collected from the place, where he picked up the baby.

Usha is very happy with the boy-who grows into a fine boy but it was subsequently discovered that the child was deaf and dumb. The second child comes to make things worse for the adopted one, for whom the foster mother started losing the affection and love and she was always alert to secure the real son meaning the second son from the vragaries of the adopted one. As such often Usha used to be very hard with him. The child started becoming awe-struck and once the assault was too severe for him. He runs out. The ex-army officer, who took special fancy with the future of the baby, finds the boy missing. Usha protests against the attitude of the boy when she understands that the adopted one is her first child. All rush out in search of the long neglected boy.

Then could parents be united with the one, on whom they have shown total disregards?......

(From the official press booklet)