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Mr. X In Bombay (1964)

  • Release Date1964
  • GenreSci-Fi
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time138 min
  • Length3674.43 metres
  • Number of Reels14
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Shooting LocationRoop Tara Studio & Filmistan Pvt. Ltd.

Poet Sudarshan, a simpleton from Banaras wins in the competition in Poets' Conference comes across two amateur poets who are unemployed. They take him to Nritya Kala Mandir to employ him where the proprietor of the institute recognises Sudarshan, introduces him to his artistes including the heroine Shobha Devi who is an amateur artiste and daughter of a Scientist, Dr. Mathur. The poet now employed in Kala Mandir falls in love with Shobha Devi at first sight. The poet is an orthodox wearing strictly Indian dresses and long hair while Shobha is a Rock N' Roll girl. Shobha and her girl friends have enough fun at the cost of poet who shaves his hair and wears modern dress to please them.

Professor Mathur, probably the direct descendent of late Mr. Alladin who used to do miracles with his lamp has a brain no less than the Alladin's lamp. One day Mr. Mathur convinces his bearer Mr. Fernandes to swallow some pills which he refuses for the reasons best known to himself. At this time poet comes to meet Shobha who is not at home. Fernandes bluffs him that she is in and takes him to Professor and says that here is a young man who can be his Guinea pig. Sudarshan agrees to take the pills to please him and be in good books of Shobha's father.

He swallows the pills in the compound and suddenly starts floating and jumping. He is confused as to what has happened to him. His condition like a football going up 30 ft and coming down. Even then he keeps on smiling to please the Professor who is mad with his achievement. The Professor throws a party to honour the young man next day.

Fernandes phones to Rajan about this.

Why party was cancelled?
Who is Rajan?
What happens when Sudarshan swallows the poison to commit suicide?
And what is the mystery of jumping bumping car?

(From the official press booklets)