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Pyari Bhabhi (1985)

  • Release Date1985
  • GenreDrama, Family
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3971.52 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-5846-MUM
  • Certificate Date11/11/1985
  • Shooting LocationFilmalaya Studio, Filmstan Studio, Film City, Chandivali & Wilson Dam

PYARI BHABHI is a story of a house symbolic to this world, held together with the silver thread of love and sacrifice. The characters Madhvi, Yogesh, Rajesh and Priya are the pearls that sparkle and shine from the blessings of 'Sai Baba'. In this peace and calm atmosphere, comes a big thunderbolt in the shape of Mamta Chandi Prasad, who breaks that silver thread and scatters the pearls to the distant and different corners of hate, jealousy and distrust. And Madhvi struggles whole of her life to bind up the scattered pearls.

PYARI BHABHI is a story of Devar and Bhabhi. When Madhvi lost her child in her womb in an accident and also being prohibited by doctor not to bear child in future, she lost all her hopes of being a mother. She showered all her love and affection on her devar Rajesh and treated him as her own son.

Motivated by the desire to have children in the big house of the forefathers, Bhabhi forced Rajesh to marry a girl, whoever he chose. But the cruel hands of fate did not allow to fulfill the desire of Bhabhi, instead she had to leave her house with her husband Yogesh for the happiness of both Rajesh and Priya and live in a poverty and strife.

In course of time, Priya gives birth to a son. The innocent and affectionate Madhvi, on hearing this, could not restrain herself and goes to see the child and a mishap takes place. Madhvi slips from the top of staircase with the child, while singing lullaby and the child dies on the spot. Priya goes mad. Madhvi feeling guilty, in her extreme restlessness, wants to commit suicide. Yogesh saves her from her self destruction. Now, starts the soul stirring drama-

How Madhvi could save Priya from oblivion? 

How the mother of Priya and Rajesh repent upon their folly?

How the villain is punished in his attempt to take revenge from a bold and big hearted lady like Madhvi?

The answer of all these and many more is the poignant saga of unique sacrifice and love. PYARI BHABHI is a real drama, that has never been conceived seen, heard or told

before. You will love to see it again and again. Don't Miss !

(From the official press booklet)



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