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Raja Harishchandra (1979)

  • Format35mm
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3996.84 Mts
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-89478-MUM
  • Certificate Date12/04/1979

"The name of King Harishchandrra is nothing but definition of "TRUTH". The 'TRUTH' is immortal because of Raja Harishchandrra and so Harishchandrra because of "TRUTH". 

One day Narad spoke in praise of Harishchandrra's truthfulness. But Maharshi Vishwamitra gave a challenge in return and said that Harashchandrra's "TRUTH" could not stand in front of his WORSHIP. 

And on one night, in a dream, he demanded of Harishchandrra his whole kingdom as donation which Harishchandrra gave. All this was in a dream. Next day when Vishwamitra reached the King's Court, Harishchandrra converted dream into a reality. Vishwamitra, however, was not satisfied with this. In addition to donation, he demanded "Dakshana" of one thousand gold-coins, saying "If the said demand is not met before the sunset of the last day of the month, Harishchandrra will face worst possible consequences of his wrath". Harishchandrra agreed to give Dakshana. With a will to fulfill his word, Raja Harishchandrra along with his devoted wife Taramati and their only son Rohit left "Ayodhya". After hard labour of all three, Harishchandrra collected required gold-coins. But Vishwamitra would not permit Harishchandrra to follow his path of truthfulness so easily. Vishwamitra's Maya swallowed the gold-coins in river Ganga but the great devotee of "Truth" would not give up. To fulfill his word he went to the extreme stage of selling himself, his wife and son Rohit and sold himself to a "Dom", his wife and son to Seth Dharamdas, collecting another One thousand gold-coins and gave 'Dakshana" to Vishwamitra. 

This was not enough. One day snake-bite took life of Rohit. Rani Taramati now a slave carried the dead Rohit to "Marghat" for last rites and found that the "Angel of TRUTH" Harishchandrra was not prepared to perform last rituals of their own son without receiving the tax for his master the "Dom". 

1. Did Taramati pay the Tax.................?

2. Did Harishchandrra feel disturbed because of his son's death? 

3. Did he perform last rituals of his own son without receiving tax? 

4. Did Rohit regain his life? 

Find your answers to all these, in Santoshi Mata Pictures' grand historical and musical movie "RAJA HARISHCHANDRRA"

(From the official press booklet)