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Rani Aur Lalpari (1975)

  • LanguageHindi

I am a little girl. My name is Rani. I love very very much my Mummy and Daddy as you love yours. My Daddy has gone go London for higher studies by taking loans. My mother works hard and pays the loan every month. Now we are staying with Mama and Mami. They do not love us but behave badly with us. When Daddy comes we will stay in a big house. I love Ice-cream Chicklets and Limca. Now I do not get these things because I have no money.

I have two friends, one is Pappu and the other is Moti. Moti is a rabbit presented to me by Pappu. Pappu is son of doctor uncle. They are rich but very very good. Aunte loves me. Pappu is very clever. He reads big big story books. I ask him many questions and he replies at once. He only told me the story of Red Fairy, Cinderella and Gulliver. When I heard about Lalpari and how she helps children, I felt happy. Pappu also told me about life in under water, heaven, Indralok and many many strange things.

One day my Mama killed my rabbit Moti. That night I wept very very much. I did not eat. When Mummy told me that Moti is not dead but has gone to Moon as all Rabbits go to moon I stopped weeping.

Today I am very very much happy because Daddy is coming. We all went to airport. Pappu was also there. When I heard the sound of plane coming I danced and clapped.

Today Mama and Mami were also good to me. Perhaps they thought I may complain to Daddy. The plane was seen in the sky like a tiny toy. I went running to the railings with Pappu. Plane was landing. Oh! what is this? As soon as the plane touched the ground flames were coming out of it. It was burning. Mummy fell unconscious. Oh! God what will happen now......?

I wept till tears dried on my cheeks. Pappu told me that my mother died and has gone to heaven. I remembered the Ganesh chaudas day when Ganeshjee were immersed in water and Pappu told that Ganeshjee's abode is in heaven and way to heaven is from water.

I decided to go to Heaven..... to bring my mother back..!

Did Rani reach to Heaven ?

Did Rani save her mother ?

To know all these things you have to see "RANI AUR LALPARI".

(From the official press booklet)