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Sat Sri Akal (1977)

  • Release Date08/12/1978
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguagePunjabi
  • Length3465.27meters
  • Number of Reels15 reels
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-85304- Mumbai
  • Certificate Date02/07/1977
  • Shooting LocationPunjab, Pinjore Gardens, Chandigarh city

The people of Govindpur have become religious-minded on account of ‘Gyani Ji’ (Prem Nath) but the village zamindar Zalim Singh (Amrish Puri) is instilling poison into the atmosphere with his evil actions. Zalim Singh tries to misbehave with a poor girl Soma, daughter of Taai (Laj Bedi). The brave farmer Preetam(Parikshit Sahni) saves her from Zalim Singh and he becomes his worst enemy. Then Zalim Singh tries to rape Roopa, the widowed sister of his puppet Kirpal Singh (Sajjan), but here also Preetam stands up against him.

Once, from a distance, Preetam hears Preeto (Zahira), a resident of a neighbouring village, singing and falls in love with her voice. Preetam’s friend Charan Singh (Rajendra Nath) dissuades him from this madness, but he does not heed his advice. Preeto’s brother Surinder Singh(Gautam Sarin) is indebted to Zalim Singh. He tells Preetam that he will marry Preeto to Zalim Singh. Preetam wants to shift Preeto from the village to some distant place, but Surinder intervenes. Preetam and Surinder Singh have a clash. Accidentally, Preetam’s gun goes off. Simultaneously, Zalim Singh fires a shot killing Surinder.

Preetamruns to the Gurudwara and informs Gyani Ji that Surinder Singh is not killed by his bullet. Zalim Singh arrives on the scene with the police. Preetam surrenders to the police inspector Gulzar Singh (Shatrughan Sinha). The eyewitness Kirpal, who is a puppet of Zalim Singh, gives evidence in the court that Surinder Singh has died by Preetam’s bullet. Preetam is sentenced to life imprisonment. This results in great misery for Preetam’s mother (Kamini Kaushal). 

On the other side, there occurs a great tragedy in the life of Gyani Ji. His son Hari Singh (Sunil Dutt) is in love with the lady teacher Sheel (Reena Roy) of the Gurudwara School. He works as a pilot in the Air Force, and goes on a mission to destroy the enemy radar. However, his plane crashes and he dies. Gyani Ji receives the tragic news about the death of his son in the Gurudwara, but remains unperturbed and goes on chanting the Shabads.  Meanwhile, Kirpal Singh listens to his conscience and admits to Giani Ji that he gave false witness against Preetam under the pressure of Zalim Singh. On review petition in the High Court, Preetam is discharged of the murder charges and is freed by the court. Zalim Singh runs away to escape the law, while Preetam follows him with his gun to take revenge. After a hot chase, Preetam catches hold of Zalim Singh and when he is about to shoot Zalim Singh, Police inspector Gulzar Singh arrives with the police force. Zalim Singh is arrested by the police. Preetam and Preeto are married, Charan Singh gets Banto and Roopa is wedded to pilot Shiv Kumar. 



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