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Shahi Chor (1955)

  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time133 min
  • Length3648.15 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number13984
  • Certificate Date22/09/1955

Long long ago there lived two twin brothers named Hamid and Rashid. They had similarity in face and Hamid was an outlaw and lived in a deserted place with his gang. Rashid was a perfect gentleman and was in love with a girl named Gazala, daughter of Jamal-Bin-Kamal, Darogha of Shahi Khazana. Perchance Hamid had seen this girl, Gazala, he was lured by her beauty and he made up his mind to have her by fair or foul means, to get his brother out of the way Hamid looted the Khazana and got his brother Rashid arrested.

One day Gazala received a letter that Rashid had broken the Jail and Gazala should see him at a certain place. Gazala went to see her lover but she was kidnapped by Hamid’s assistant “Khurram”. Hamid demanded 50 thousand Asharafis as ransom money. The Darogha was upset, but to save the honour of his daughter, he took fifty thousand Asharafis and ultimately brought his daughter. Hamid played another trick and went to see the Darogha in disguise of a Saudagar and demanded the hand of his daughter. He also promised to pay him fifty thousand Asharafis to meet the shortage of the Khazana. Darogha agreed to the bargain but Gazala was upset. She with the help of one Ammu a friend of Rashid and his wife Malka, helped Rashid to run from the Jail. Rashid went to his brother Hamid for help as he wanted to elope with Gazala to some distant place. Hamid asked Rashid to wait and sent his servant Jaffar to bring the Police. Rashid overheard the talk and tried to run away. Hamid tried to stop him. A fight took place between the two brothers and Hamid died. Before the arrival of the Police Rashid changed the clothes with that of Hamid. Everybody thought that Rashid had died. Gazala was sad.

The Marriage took place before Rashid could disclose the secret. Shabana a girl from hamid’s gang reached and accused Rashid (not knowing that Hamid had died) of betraying her. It was a shock for Gazala and she went to her father’s place. The Darogha got a shock when he found Rashid to be indifferent for his demand of fifty thousand Asharafis promised by the late Hamid. Darogha died by committing suicide. Gazala developed more hatred for Hamid and informed the Police that her husband was an out-law. The Police went to arrest Hamid (Rashid). In Rashid’s absence Khurram with the help of Jaffar and Shabana broke the underground cell of Hamid to loot all the money. Rashid arrived. A fight took place- Jaffar died and Khurram ran away with Shabana. Rashid was arrested, prosecuted and sentenced to death.

Had he been hanged to Death? What happened to Gazala? Where went Khurram and Shabana?

For the answers see “SHAHI CHOR”.


(From the official press booklet)