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Sunayana (1979)

  • LanguageHindi

Raju, a rustic youth of simple honest disposition comes to the city to fulfil his dreams. He is taken aback by the fast pace of life, the mad rush of the commuters. In the city he comes across a girl Sunayana whom he saves from being run over by a van Admonishing her he discovers that Sunayana is blind. He becomes her self-appointed guardian. He is keen to restore her eyesight.

At night sleeping on footpath he comes across a rich drunkard committing suicide. He rescues him, goes to his house where the rich man opens his safe and offers him all of his fortune. Flabbergasted Raju however does not touch a penny. Next morning the rich man turns him out. Wandering on the streets he meets with an accident and is taken to a hospital where he meets an eye-surgeon who is very nice. He feels that the doctor would help Sunayana to get back her eyes. And after a misadventure he meets Sunayana. He brings her to Dr. lndrajeet who examines her and offers to do the operation. The doctor asks for Rs. 2000 as the cost of operation and treatment.

Raju is at a loss to find such a big sum. Fortunately he meets the rich drunkard again who takes him home and gives him the money he needs. Next day when he hands over Rs. 2000 to Dr. lndrajeet, the doctor returns Rs. 500 to him as he is touched by Raju's sincerity and decides not to charge any fee.

But when Raju goes to return the money to the benefactor he is caught as a thief and sent to jail. And in trying to escape from the jail he is caught again and sentenced to another term of two years. Meanwhile, Sunayana is cured and the Doctor takes her home and falls in love with her. Infact he proposes to marry her.

Just as Sunayana and the doctor are to be married, thanks to the rich drunkard's realisation of truth and confession in court, Raju is released. He has to search for Sunayana whom he ultimately finds in the doctor's house. The doctor is in a dilemma. But knowing Raju's love for Sunayana, he steps aside and helps the lovers to unite in the bonds of matrimony.

(From the official press booklet)