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Tangewala (1972)

  • GenreDrama, Crime
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3997.15 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-69427-MUM
  • Certificate Date19/04/1972
  • Shooting LocationAkhtar K Asif Studios

Raj Bahadur Kishandas had engrossed his life in while and women to the extent that he totally forgot the difference between good and bad. More so, the evil in him had become too powerful that he threw out his wife Laxmi and children from his home. But he was paid in the same coins for his bad deeds. He lost his wealth and eyesight was wandering here and there as a beggar.

Laxmi facing all the odds, very affectionately brought-up her son Rajoo and daughter Gauri. Rajoo became a Tonga driver to earn his livelihood. He was a kind and honest man and was always prepared to help the poor and needy. Laxmi one day gave water to the thirsty old man but also couldn’t recognise him, but when she was blessed by the old man for her long and happy married life, she got terrible moved and on a pretext of a pilgrimage she went to the same temple to see her long lost husband where she was rebuked, insulted and turned-out. But, to her despair, she couldn’t find him there and she also did not know that her husband is beings well treated at her own house by her son and daughter. When Laxmi returned disappointed to her home, the old man had left the house in search of the light which was about him but was out of his reach.

Paro a village damsel was in love with Rajoo. Once, the devilish zamindar of the village tried to molest and destroy her chastity, but efforts went in vain and Rajoo gave him a good beating. Zamindar, on that, vowed to take revenge for his insults and started to make his plans come true. He advanced out and started making false love with Gauri, the innocent sister of Rajoo, though Rajoo had already got his sister fixed-up elsewhere for marriage. The wicked munim of zamindar in a disguise of a Brahmin arranged a false marriage in a temple, and Gauri was married to the zamindar. When the day of Gauri’s fixed-up marriage came, Rajoo, to his great disappointment came to know the fact that Gauri was an expectant mother. Rajoo went to zamindar and demanded justice, but cruel zamindar didn’t listen to his appeals:

Scared of a defamatory and bad name, he had to leave the village along with his mother and sister. On this point, the old man also came to know that Rajoo was his own son and Laxmi his wife, but it was too late. Sister happy and so he re-arranged the marriage of Gauri, but on the day when the marriage was to be solemnised Gauri ran away along with her child from the house. Once again, Rajoo was humiliated in the world. His truth, happiness and kindness were shattered to a nullity and he becomes of a statue of frustrations and sadness.

On the other side, Paro was still awaiting Rajoo’s arrival. The old man was still searching his long lost wife and children Gauri still had belief in Zamindar’s love and her marriage. Everybody was far far away from each other, but all were living in a word of faith and hopes. The eternal wheel of life was still revolving. 

They were all hopeful...........
Could they all meet once again?

Did the eternal search of love and life succeed? The answer moments, musically scoring to Movie TANGEWALA which is full of enjoyed moments, musically scoring to hunt you and as life itself   

(From the official press booklet)